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shari and aaronShari and Aaron Berger

Shari and Aaron Berger have joined the Beth El community after celebrating their wedding on March 21, 2015 in Annapolis, Maryland, officiated by Rabbi Arnowitz. Shari is from New City, New York and Aaron is from Orlando, Florida where both sets of their parents still reside. They are very excited to be a part of this great community and look forward to new lasting relationships.

 Steve and Megan Zuckerman and Family

Steve and I are thrilled to members at Beth El. I grew up in Virginia Beach and Steve was raised in South Orange, New Jersey. We met at Tulane University and then lived together in New York City and Washington, D.C. until finally settling here. We have two kids: Jonah who is 7 and Chloe is 5. Both attend school at the Hebrew Academy. We have been attending Beth El programs with our friends for the last few years and felt a real sense of community for both us and the kids. We want the kids to be excited about coming to synagogue and felt that they would more so if they were surrounded by their friends. Steve works at DuPont Sustainable Solutions as a software product manager, and I was formerly Senator Landrieu, senior Senator from Louisiana’s, health and education legislative assistant and switched sides of the table when we moved here – now I am an advocate for non-profits in the areas of children’s health and education issues. We are happy to be members of Beth El but do not know enough about the synagogue at this time to commit to where we would like to be active. We are both very active with the UJFT. I am chair of the CRC and Steve is YAD campaign chair. We look forward to learning more about the Beth El community.



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