The Community Midrashah program is a joint educational effort of Beth El, Temple Israel and KBH, open to all teens in our community. The post-bar/bat mitzvah years are critical for the creation of a strong Jewish identity. Both cognitively and socially, the young adult is developing beyond preteen levels. In these years, our Jewish teens should receive excellent Jewish education, delivered by our most able and Jewishly best-educated teachers, with due regard for the teens peer group relationships as well as their home environments.

To accomplish this purpose, we created the Community Midrashah. The term “midrashah” connotes a serious engagement with the core texts of the Jewish tradition informing our ethical and spiritual choices in life.

The teachers in this program are the clergy and those educational professionals recognized as the most effective teachers for this age group. Clergy and teachers are models of emulation, and thus a high degree of personal involvement in Jewish life is a factor in their selection for the faculty of this program.  The program is under the direct supervision of the congregational clergy with support from Dr. Eran Livni, the Head of School for Beit Sefer Shalom.

The synagogues rotate hosting (see this year’s schedule attached). Classes meet on Sunday evenings from 5:15 to 7:30 pm. Each evening consists of two 45-minute class sessions and start with a 30-minute dinner and evening service.

Classes are divided by grade, with one level for younger students (8th-9th grades) and one for older ones (10th-12th). Mindful of the other claims on high school students’ time, the Community Midrashah is organized as a series of minimesters, with typically three weeks of classes, with a month or so in-between minimesters.

We love this exciting new model and participants have given great feedback. The cost for the entire year is $250 per student.  If you have any questions, please let us know.